Technical Services Bureau


The Technical Services Bureau is comprised of three groups: The Information Technology Unit, the Programming Unit (formally New Media Unit), and the Computer Forensic Team.

The Technical Services Bureau Manager sets all Sheriff's Office strategic technology planning and policy along with managing the workload for the three groups listed below. The Technical Services Bureau Manager also acts at the County Control Agent for the California Law Enforcement Telecommunications System (CLETS) for federal, state, and local agencies within the County of Sonoma.

Information Technology Unit

The Information Technology Unit supports Sheriff's Office staff with various public safety computer systems. This includes everything from mobile fingerprint identification systems to web, data, and application servers hosting critical public safety information.

Programming Unit

The Programming Unit creates custom applications and web sites for use by Sheriff's Office staff.

Computer Forensic Team

The Computer Forensic Team is comprised of civilian Computer Forensic Examiners and Crime Scene Investigations detectives that examine computers and cellular phones as part of criminal case work.