The Sheriff's Office has three motorcycle units working within Sonoma County. The Deputies receive advanced training in law enforcement motorcycle operations. The motor units have officers assigned and is stationed at the Windsor Police Department and the Sonoma Police Department. This is an assignment based on the "High Visibility" enforcement of local and state traffic laws.

The motor units are working primarily as traffic enforcement officers in the Town of Windsor and the City of Sonoma. Some of the officer's duties include the issuing of citations for speeding and other traffic violations. The officers investigate traffic collisions, perform abandoned/unregistered vehicle abatement and enforce parking regulations. They also are responsible for DUI reduction and enforcement. There is also a deputy specially trained in the investigation of fatal accidents. 

The Off-Road Motorcycle Unit works in the unincorporated area and is staffed with two sergeants and six deputies and four alternate deputies. This unit is responsible for patrol of roadways, parks, and beaches throughout the county. The motor unit is assigned to crowd and riot control, search and rescue, crime prevention. They are also contracted for deployment at large-scale contract venues.

Other duties for both motorcycle units may include the general patrol of an assigned area, investigations of felony and misdemeanor crimes. The motor units also participate in crime prevention activities at local schools. The motorcycle units are featured in parades, escorts and other formal gatherings and serve as a valuable tool for public relations.