Duties and Responsibilities
The Court Security Bureau is responsible for providing a safe courthouse environment for judges, attorneys, court personnel and the general public. The purpose of Court Security is to assure that order and control is maintained in the court system.


Specific duties include:

Maintaining order and decorum in courtrooms and court premises.
Patrolling courthouse facilities.
Effecting arrests, remands and confiscating contraband when necessary.
Prisoner movement within the courthouse.
Guarding and isolating sequestered juries.
Assuming responsibilities for all emergency medical, fire and bomb threats.



To deter security problems from occurring.
To detect security problems when they do occur.
To take appropriate action whenever security problems are encountered.


The Sonoma County Hall of Justice
More than 442,000 people visit the Sonoma County Hall of Justice annually. All visitors to the Sonoma County Hall of Justice must pass through fully equipped screening checkpoints at both entrances of the courthouse. Two uniform contract security officers operate each security screening station. Security officers staff the metal detector and X-ray screening device to prevent weapons and contraband from entering the courtrooms.

Any item that may be potentially used as a weapon is restricted from entry. Items such as knives and fingernail files, although not illegal to possess outside of the courtroom, will not be allowed inside of the courthouse. Weapons of any sort are confiscated and violations of security policies could result in criminal prosecution.

The Sonoma County Sheriff's Office Court Security Bureau is comprised of one Lieutenant, two Sergeants and 26 Sheriff Deputies and 20 extra-help Deputies.


The Superior Court of Sonoma County - locations:

Sonoma County Hall of Justice
Courtrooms 1 - 17
600 Administration Drive
Santa Rosa, California 95403  

Civil and Family Law Court Annex
Courtrooms 18 - 23
3055 Cleveland Avenue
Santa Rosa, California 95403

Juvenile Justice Center
Courtrooms 24 & 25
7425 Rancho Los Guiicos Road
Santa Rosa, California 95409  

Empire College Court Annex
Courtrooms 16 & 17
3035 Cleveland Avenue, Suite 200
Santa Rosa, California 95403