The Position

Reserve Deputy Sheriffs are part-time, volunteer peace officers. They enjoy the challenge and excitement offered by law enforcement as well as the satisfaction of providing worthwhile community service. They serve at the pleasure of the Sheriff and are not covered by the civil service system.

Some people serve as Reserve Deputies as an avocation. Others are interested in law enforcement as a career and want to "test the waters." We encourage either motivation.

Sheriff's Reserve Deputies

Reserve Deputies augment the regular operations of the Sheriff's Department by working in uniform in the Patrol Bureau. Reserve Deputies have full peace officer powers when on-duty. New Level I Reserve Deputies are assigned to the Field Training Program and after completion, may work alone, with a full-time Regular Deputy or with another Reserve Deputy. Reserve Deputies are issued most necessary uniforms and equipment.

Program History

The Reserve Deputy program was formed in 1966. Since then more than 200 Reserves have become full-time law enforcement officers, with our agency and other city, state and federal agencies, including two former Sheriffs, Mark Ihde and Jim Piccinini

General Requirements
No felony or serious misdemeanor convictions
U.S. citizenship
21 years of age or older
Good moral character
High school graduate or GED equivalent
Physically and psychologically suitable
Modules 3 and 2 of the Extended Basic Academy must be completed and enrollment in Module 1 or the Intensive Basic Academy are prerequisites to commencement of the background process. The Basic Academy must be completed prior to appointment.

Application Process

Download the application, complete and return it as directed by the application. Click here to access the Reserve Deputy Sheriff Application

You will be notified by mail of the time and place for an interview. Those applicants who successfully complete the interview will be invited to commence the background investigation process for further consideration.

Email Reserve Lieutenant Anthony Duckworth at or call him at 707-565-8817.