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Thank you for visiting our new website.  We hope that it will be a useful resource to help keep you aware of public safety issues and related matters here in Sonoma County. 


The internet has changed how individuals and entire communities exchange information and stay informed.  With this new website, we’ve found ways to get useful and interesting information directly to you, and we’ve also created a means to hear back directly from you.  Our hope is to strengthen our partnership with you so that together we can better fulfill our common goal of a safe, vibrant, and healthy Sonoma County for all of us to enjoy together.


Please take the time to familiarize yourself with our website. It is content rich and will be updated regularly so we encourage you to save it in your web browser as a “favorite” and visit often. 

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Everybody likes to know about crime in their specific area.  Some of this information you can find right on our home page.  For example, you can see what calls we’re handling right now.  Then, if you click on our Reports & Stats tab, you can see more specific daily crime logs, daily arrest logs, and crime stats.

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Our multimedia tab is where you can view Sonoma County Sheriff’s Department videos and also browse through some of our photo archives.  We even have a YouTube viewer where you can watch some of our staff’s favorite YouTube videos (you’ll see that we do have a sense of humor after all).


On our SCSD News tab you can read our press releases.  You’ll get the same initial information that we provide the media.  You can also review the media coverage about us through our news aggregator on that page.  And if you’d like to comment on any of these stories, there’s a link on that page to do so.  We’ll read every comment and try our best to respond as appropriate.  If you haven’t started using the power of RSS feeds to get regular news updates from your favorite sites, please click on the RSS icon on this page to get started using this powerful and easy-to-use information tool with us.  RSS is a great way of automatically getting news updates right to the inbox of your email application.


If you or your children use facebook or myspace, please click on those links from our homepage and add us to your friend’s list.  It’s been shown that having your local law enforcement agency as a friend does wonders to keep away on-line predators and deter questionable solicitations from unknown characters.


There’s a lot more to see so please take the time to look around. 

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We encourage you to get a twitter account (the twitter link is on our homepage) so that you can be notified daily about new website content or get quick information about what’s going on.

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We already have version 2.0 of our new website in the works.  We’re working out the kinks to get GIS (satellite image) crime mapping to you, so that you can graphically see what crimes are happening where.  We’re also developing a way for you to track our cases through the criminal justice system so you can see the final outcomes of the criminal cases we’ve solved.  An on-line store is also in the works.  You’ll be able to purchase some very cool Sonomasheriff.org logo-wear.

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We’d love to get your feedback on our site.  Please take the time to fill out the below feedback form.  Also, if you will provide us with your email address, we can add you to our directory in the event we’d like to email you directly when something important comes up.



Lastly, we’d really appreciate it if you’d pass on our website to your friends, family, co-workers, and neighbors.  By clicking the below link and adding recipients’ names, you can easily share this website with other Sonoma County residents in your address book.  A better informed public always makes for a safer public, so by doing us this favor, you’ll be doing your part!




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