Administration Captain

Dave Edmonds

Captain Dave Edmonds

Captain Dave Edmonds started his law enforcement career with the Hanford Police Department in 1983. In 1985, he was employed as a deputy sheriff for Sonoma County. Captain Edmonds served nine years on patrol, which included SWAT and Field Training Officer assignments. He was a violent crimes detective and the Department’s polygraph examiner for four years before promoting to sergeant in 1996. Captain Edmonds’ seven years at the sergeant rank included patrol supervisor, internal affairs, and supervision of the violent crimes detective unit. In 2003, Captain Edmonds was promoted to lieutenant and managed the Department’s detective bureau. He was promoted to captain in 2006 and put in charge of Law Enforcement Special Services before assuming command of the Field Services Section in 2009.

Captain Edmonds has been awarded Advanced, Supervisor, and Management POST certificates.  Additionally, he has an associate’s degree in criminal justice, a bachelor’s degree in political science, a master’s degree in organizational leadership. 


Technical Services Bureau:

  • Information Technology Unit
  • New Media Unit
  • Computer Forensic Investigations Team


Central Information Bureau:

  • Records Unit
  • Property / Evidence Unit
  • Narcotics Unit


Civil Bureau


Personnel and Internal Affairs Bureau:

  • Training Unit


The Technical Service Bureau manages the operations of three different groups for the Sheriff’s Office as well as new technology project planning and implementation. The Information Technology Unit is responsible support existing law enforcement and detention technologies and systems. The New Media Unit operates the Sheriff’s Office public website and facilitates the posting of internet content. The Computer Forensic team assists the Sheriff’s Office Investigation’s Bureau by conducting computer forensic examinations.


The Central Information Bureau is the custodian of all criminal reports, warrants and property related to criminal investigations.

The Civil Bureau, pursuant to law, is responsible for the service of court papers and enforcing civil court judgments.  

The Personnel and Internal Affairs Bureau is responsible for recruitment, background investigations and the custodian of employee and volunteer personnel files along with ensuring employees are performing their varied duties and public service obligations as required by law and policy. They do this by thoroughly investigating allegations of misconduct and by reviewing employee's conduct in identified incidents. The Training Unit is responsible for the coordination of all training for employees and volunteers.


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