Administration Division

Central Information Bureau:
This Bureau is the custodian of all criminal reports, warrants and property related to criminal investigations.


Civil Bureau:
Pursuant to law the Sheriff's Department is responsible for the service of court papers and enforcing civil court judgments.


Crime Analysis:
This unit is task with researching and reporting crime statistics for internal and public use.


Technical Services Bureau:
This bureau is responsible for managing and implementing new technology in order to better law enforcement and detention operations. The Technical Services Bureau is managed by a Department Information Systems Manager and is comprised three units.

  • Information Technology Unit: responsible for the entire computer systems within the Sheriff's Department, including the mobile data computers installed in patrol cars, fingerprint identification systems, photo imaging systems, records management systems, and various law enforcement technology systems. The Information Technology Unit also conducts computer forensic operations for the Investigation Bureau.
  • Crime Analysis Unit: responsible for analyzing crime reports to identify emerging patterns, series, and trends in order to develop effective strategies and tactics to address crime and disorder. Crime analysts prepare statistics, data queries, and utilize Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in order to prepare information for the department, the community, court presentations as well as answering questions from the public and the press.
  • New Media Unit: responsible for creating, adapting, and managing media content for the Sheriff’s Department public website. This includes capturing events for video and photographic release, developing and programming websites, and administrating the Sheriff’s Department web presence across numerous public sites and spaces.


Personnel Bureau:
The Personnel Bureau is primarily responsible for recruitment, background investigations and the custodian of over 700 employee and volunteer personnel files.

  • Training Unit:
    This unit is comprised one Department Analyst and one Administrative Aide. They are responsible for the coordination of all training for the over 700 paid employees and the over 100 volunteers.


Internal Affairs Bureau:

  • The role of the Sheriff's Department's Internal Affairs Bureau is to ensure employees are performing their varied duties and public service obligations as required by law and policy.  We do this by thoroughly investigating allegations of misconduct and by reviewing our employee's conduct in identified incidents.


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